Connectivity Solutions

SUNeVision Data Center - The Asia Number 1 Connectivity Hub

iAdvantage runs the #1 data centers in Hong Kong. We have over 10,000 cross-connects for high-speed and reliable interconnectivity. At MEGA-i alone, we have the presence of 150+ carriers forming a global telecom hub. It is also home to the POPs of 10 submarine cables, our own Internet Exchange (iAIX), and HKIX's R&E network.

We are extending our connectivity advantage from MEGA-i, to MEGA Two and MEGA Plus, forming a "MEGA Campus". All facilities within MEGA Campus connected by high-performance dedicated fibers. With the hosting AWS Direct Connect infrastructure and HKIX's satellite site named HKIX3, MEGA Campus offers comprehensive connectivity solutions to customers.

AWS Direct Connect

We provide AWS Direct Connect service in MEGA Campus. Our customers can have a secure, direct expressway to connect to the AWS cloud to reduce network costs, increase throughput, improve latency, enhance security, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections. With AWS Direct Connect, customers can transfer their business critical data directly from datacenter, office, or co-location environment into and from AWS, bypassing Internet service providers and removing network congestion. [Learn more]



HKIX3 is the satellite site of HKIX which offer its participants a more cost-effective solution to connect to HKIX. Customers within MEGA Campus can directly connect to this Satellite site of HKIX within the campus, without the need to order expensive and inflexible local loops. They can even enjoy a more resilient connection to HKIX at HKIX3 site, through its inheriting the "Ring" configuration connecting both HKIX1 site and HKIX1b site (the two core sites) simultaneously via a network along fully diversified physical fibre paths. [Learn more]



The iAdvantage Internet Exchange (iAIX) is a layer 2 Internet Exchange over Ethernet using BGP4 protocol. It supports multilateral and bilateral peering for its participants, which include major local and international carriers, cloud service providers, Internet service providers, and major search engines.




We provide extensive cross-connect services for our tenants. Cross-connect provides a high-performance, reliable, secured, low-latency connection within our facilities. The high concentration of carriers, Internet service providers and cloud service providers in our data centers forms an ecosystem for a highly cost-effective connectivity solution for our customers.


Internet Connectivity

We provide local, mainland China, and international Internet bandwidth to our customers. We are using multiple Tier 1 providers and manage the distribution of your IP traffic using the most efficient routing. Our resilient design of multiple uplinks also eliminates the risk of network outage due to the failure of a carrier.

iAdvantage Looking Glass provides you a snapshot of current performance on our backbone routing and network efficiency. Click here to experience.


Intersite Connectivity

We provide high-speed, resilient connections among our facilities. Our customers can take advantage of our Global Telecom Hub and China Gateway in any one of our data centers. They can also house a production site and a disaster-recovery site, each in one of our connected facilities to provide a high-availability solution.



Cloud Connectivity

We work with our customers to provide direct connectivity to major cloud solution providers, enabling a high performance and secure hybrid cloud solution. We provide a one-stop service and a validated solution to companies looking to move applications and workloads across public clouds and their own private clouds hosted in our facilities.