MEGA Two is one of the most highly regarded Tier 3+ data centers in Hong Kong. Customers of all types and sizes rely upon the data center, including China’s network carriers, financial institutions, cloud and IT service providers, system integrators and companies with global and mainland operations.

Echoing the HKSAR government’s strategic development plan to foster Hong Kong as the prime location for data centers in Asia Pacific, iAdvantage further expands our data center by transforming former industrial premises to IT&T use, bringing an additional 260,000 square feet of data center space after this reconstruction.

Key advantages:

  • Centrally located in Hong Kong with fast and easily accessible transportation
  • Low latency with premium network gateways of high connectivity with mainland China and the world
  • Spacious floor plate allows flexibility in allocating data center space and supporting facilities
  • High headroom space to meet high power density requirements
  • Three TBE rooms and dual risers support with plenty of trunk resources

What top-tier data center facilities can you expect at MEGA Two ?


Building IT&T/Data Center converted from Industrial Building
Data center area (GFA) About 520,000 sq. ft.
Floor height 5.1m (4.7m clear head room)
Floor loading 10-12 kPa
Capacity > 6,000 racks in common areas / private cage
Rack size 42U, 45U, 48U, 52U racks



UPS 2N UPS configuration with 15 mins. battery backup
Power connection Dual power feeds / UPS sources to rack
Voltage 220V / single-phase, 50Hz
Power provision Standard power zone: average 3kVA per rack
High power zone: upto 9kVA per rack
Generator sets 2N design
Backup diesel Multiple fuel tanks of capacity 85,000 liters
Power auto switch Dual static-transfer-switch per zone



CRAC N+1 CRAC design
Down flow systems with hot and cold aisles design
Chillers plant Dual distribution paths through dual feed independent chiller risers
Temperature 22+/- 2 degree Celsius
Humidity 50 +/- 10%



Fire suppression Gas based FM200 fire suppression system /
Double interlock pre-action sprinkler
Water leakage detection Distance type water detection system



Surveillance monitoring 24 hours surveillance CCTV with digital recording
Building security 24 hours entrance security guards to control access
Access control Access control systems / trap doors



Networks Dual feeds building lead in for telecom cable access
3 x Telecommunications Broadcasting Equipment rooms /
Exchange hub for telecom carrier interconnection
Data cable access Cat5E, Cat 6, SM/MM fiber, DS3, E1, Coaxial





*The above specifications are subject to change. Custom-built specifications can be provided on request.