Download Area

A. Company / Customer Registration and Authorization Form

1. Customer Registration Form

(For First-time Registration of Authorized Persons for raising service requests or accessing data centre – Permanently Valid until change request is applied)

2. Customer Registration Change Request Form

(For Subsequent Registration or Change of Registration of Authorized Persons as stated in (1))

3. Third Party Authorization Form

(For One-time or Time-Limited Registration of Authorized Persons for accessing data centre – Valid no more than one month ; Applicable to Customer’s staffs or contractors)

4. Company Name Change Request Form

(For Change of Company Name if required)


B. Service Requests:

1. DNS Registration Service Request Form

(For requesting DNS request)

2. Backup (Tape Changes) Request Form
3. Managed Firewall Service Request Form
4. Application Monitoring Service Request Form
5. Registration Form of Layer-2 Network Device for Co-location Customers
6. Second-Opinion Application form of APNIC
7. Standard Facility Services Request Form

(Version : 5.0 ; Last Update : 2008/11/01)

(For Meet-Me Room Cablings, In-building Cablings, In-building Telecommunication Services, Additional AC/DC Power feed/socket services, Vertical Trunking Access, and other facility-related service requests in MEGA-i).


C. Materials: